Answer the question

If God left a chance for human beings to question His existence, then why would He punish those who do?


5 Responses to “Answer the question”

  1. Andy B Says:


  2. S. Says:

    You know what does not make sense too? The thought that we just happened to exist here, for no reason at all.

    If you are not going to believe in God, at least have an alternative for the belief. Don't simply shrugh and go: 'I don't know, and I can careless'. If you're not putting any effort into it and not caring about it, then perhaps your punishment may be justifiable. We all know that life is not about following our whims and that we need to be habituated to certain ranges of living standards. We habituate ourselves with consequences. It's called 'conditioning'. Perhaps the same concept applies on the search of truth about this life: dedicate yourself, and wherever your dedication leads you must be the right path.

    Why are we here in this world? Why must be force ourselves to go against our whims at time and work hard? I don't know, you don't know, and I suppose the majority of the people don't know either. But, again, not knowing the answer does not mean that you can simply skip the question and wander through life with no faith. If that's all the effort that you put into the mystery, then I can assure you not many thinkers will pay attention to your easily-reached conclusions.

    PS: The above is nothing I read or heard anywhere. It's all based on personal experience and personal belief.

  3. Jenn @ Beautiful Calling Says:

    Whether or not a person beleives that there is a God doesn’t the fact that there is. It also doesn’t change the fact that they are a sinner (Rom 3:23) and that the consequences of sin is death (Rom 6:23). We all deserve punishment; eternal death and hell.

    Believers are forgiven and ACCEPT not only that there is a God (which alone isn’t enough to save you!) but also the gift of forgiveness and justification from Christ – who died so we don’t have to and rose again triumphant!

  4. Rebecca Says:

    “Why would God punish me if HE freely gave me the ability to question his existence?”

    Well, guess what. I don’t know why; you don’t know why; we all don’t know why. We, humanity, are so primitive and SO clueless at this point in time to figure this one out.

    But keep in mind: Your question is not a premise to nullify God’s existence. Keep searching love.

  5. kerryrusso68985 Says:

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